Essential Skills: Explore & Practice Using Money
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    Introducing the Ultimate Money Learning and Bingo Game Kit, a comprehensive and interactive set that combines hands-on money exploration with an engaging bingo game, offering an all-inclusive educational experience for learners of all ages! This versatile kit is designed to help learners identify U.S. currency, explore money values, build essential money skills, and have a blast with an exciting bingo game. Money Identification and Exploration Set: Dive into the world of U.S. currency with this hands-on interactive set. Each kit includes 85 photo-realistic pieces of U.S. bills, ranging from $1 to $50, and six coins from penny to dollar. These tangible representations provide an immersive learning experience, allowing learners to identify and explore real money while honing counting skills, practicing math, expanding descriptive language abilities, and gaining insight into budgeting and spending. The set also includes labels in both numbers and words for enhanced comprehension, along with Money Equivalency, Counting Coins, and Making CENTS of Change posters that offer practical visual aids to boost confidence in understanding money. Printed on durable, heavier-weight paper and packaged in an easy-seal reusable bag for storage, this set is proudly made in the USA and is perfect for building basic money skills and reinforcing learning in various settings. Money Education Cards: These content-rich money cards are designed to teach students new skills in an engaging way. The set features 96 cards, each measuring 3" x 6", and covers money education using U.S. coins and bills ranging from 1¢ to $20.00. The cards incorporate numbers and words, making it an effective tool for practical and comprehensive money learning. They are self-checking, with answers conveniently provided on the card backs. These sturdy cards come in a storage box, ensuring that students can delight in mastering new money skills with ease. The no-see-through cards feature quick-sorting and rounded corners for user-friendliness. Money Bingo Game: A TREND original since 1969, this beloved bingo game turns skill practice into an exciting and educational experience. Ideal for 3 to 36 players, it features a unique 6-way format that adapts to various skill levels, ensuring that play remains engaging for everyone. In this game, students are introduced to money values, including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, by matching money amounts to photos of heads and tails. The package includes 36 different playing cards, each measuring 6-1/2" x 9", 264 playing chips, an answer guide, calling cards, caller's mat, and a sturdy storage box. The realistic photos in the game provide a real-life learning experience, enhancing money comprehension in a fun and interactive way. This all-in-one Money Learning and Bingo Game Kit offers a comprehensive and interactive approach to money education, making it an essential resource for learners of all ages. Whether used for individual practice, group activities, or classroom learning, it fosters valuable life skills, financial literacy, and mathematical proficiency while providing hours of enjoyable learning.