North/South Magnet Marbles (Red/Blue) Set of 100
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    Magnet marbles are plastic-encased ceramic magnets.

    Perfect for science and engineering exploration and investigations, each marble features a red north pole and a blue south pole.  Simply give them a roll to see opposite poles roll toward each other and attract... or make poles repel.  Add to the learning by incorporating a magnet wand or another magnet in a different format (not included).  Drag a string of marbles or make them spin, wiggle, or jump.  Safe, low-power magnet marbles measure .63" D.

    Color coding that provides a clear and simple way to demonstrate attraction and repulsion!

    Hands-on, interactive manipulatives for teaching magnetic force, energy, and motion!

    Low-power, safety-tested magnet marbles that are approved for safe use for ages 4+

    Enough marbles for multiple small groups or science stations

    Red north and blue south poles give students a clear visual on magnetic attraction and repulsion.

    The round shape makes the magnets roll when pushed or pulled from the force of attraction or repulsion.

    Fun, first-hand experiences with cause and effect, magnetic forces, energy, and action!