Winter-Themed Writing Prompts

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Winter-Themed Writing Prompts
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart

Inspire creative writing in your classroom this winter with fun winter writing prompts. Even reluctant writers will have a difficult time resisting the engaging themes of snowflakes, gifts, and holiday cheer.

Use these prompts to inspire festive writing in your classroom this winter:
  • If I were a snowflake…write about things you would feel or do if you were a snowflake flying through the air.
  • This year, my New Year’s resolution is…
  • If I were a hibernating bear this winter…make a list of how you’d prepare for the hibernating season and what you’d do during the cold months!
  • I saw the best Christmas tree in the world!
  • If I could change the world this new year…
  • Pretend you have a pen pal living at the South Pole. Write a letter to him or her.
  • It was snowing again today, but the snow was purple!
  • On a stormy day, I…
  • How to keep warm.
  • We made sugar cookies for Santa. They were cut into shapes of…
  • Write about snowflakes.
  • I got a brand new sled for Christmas…
  • How to build a snowman.
  • If I were Rudolph…
  • I couldn’t find the present I wrapped for my mom! What do I do?
  • My favorite holiday movie is…
  • What’s the best Christmas present ever?
  • My favorite thing about winter is…
  • If I could change one thing about December, I would…
  • I had the best gift idea for my best friend. It is…
  • My grandma knit me a magic scarf. Its magic powers are…
  • Today it started snowing inside the classroom!

Picture Prompts: Supply your students with a picture to write about. It can be anything: a snowman, a Christmas present, a puppy. Have them write a short story about the picture!

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Winter-Themed Writing Prompts
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart December 23, 2021
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