Drip Art Pumpkin

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September 22, 2022 by
Drip Art Pumpkin
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart

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Decorate for fall with a colorful, painted pumpkin!

  • Occasion: FallHalloween
  • Ages: 4+6+8+


  1. Place a pumpkin on a protected surface and a paper plate
  2. Mix Crayola Kids' Paint with a small amount of water in a plastic cup and mix with a craft stick.
  3. Pour paint over the pumpkin and allow it to drip down the sides.
  4. Use a rainbow of colors to create a colorful decoration! Allow it to dry and display.
  5. For an added accent, add stickers to the pumpkin before you pour paint to create a resist. Remove the stickers after the paint has dried to reveal your design.

Drip Art Pumpkin
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart September 22, 2022
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